Bohol Bloggers Collective House Rules

Membership Qualifications for the Bohol Bloggers Collective

A BBC member must...

  • own at least one (1) blog; own domains preferred, but not required.
  • have at least ten (10) quality blog posts in their primary blog (see “Definition of Terms” for specifications on a quality blogpost)
As A Bohol Bloggers Collective Member
  • As a BBC member, he/she is required to publish at least one (1) post a month to be considered as an active BBC member apart/ aside from the mandatory blog post of the recent BBC event he/she attended.
  • Any BBC member who fails to publish the above mentioned monthly blog post requirement will be given a written warning of their inactivity. After three (3) warnings, the member is suspended from the group.
  • If a suspended member wishes to reapply to the group, they are free to contact the BBC Core Members to request a lifting of the suspension.
  • A BBC member must acknowledge all rules and qualifications mandated by the BBC Core Members.
    • Reactions and comments on existing BBC rules are open for discussion with the Core Members. Please contact them privately via the BBC Facebook group.
As An Event Representative
  • You are required to produce one (1) blog post for each Bohol Bloggers Collective event you attend. This post must go live on or after two (2) weeks from the event date.

    • Groups attending any event must still produce individual blog posts.
    • You are not allowed to bring a “plus one” to any event, unless given approval by the host / contact person / Bohol Bloggers Collective Coordinator.
    • You are required to notify any Bohol Bloggers Collective Core Member in writing when your event post goes live.
  • Your post must include at least two quality photos from the event. Proper credits must be given should the blog post include photos from other bloggers/ from event organizers.
  • You are required to disclose if an article is paid for or not. A simple “sponsored post” will suffice.
  • You must share the event specifics using one (1) of your social media profiles.
  • You are required to be on the event venue 10 minutes before the agreed meeting time. For any reason you can’t make it on time, you are required to contact your host / contact person / Bohol Bloggers Coordinator before the event starts.
  • For cancellations, please inform your host / contact person /Bohol Bloggers Collective Coordinator at least an hour before the event starts.
  • Failure to adhere to the rules stated above will disqualify you to join any other community event within thirty (30) days after the event/ after issuing of warning/ after receipt of written warning or until you can produce the required output.
  • Absenteeism without notice automatically disqualifies you to participate in any other event for thirty (30) days after the event/ after issuing of warning/ after receipt of written warning (please select which is Day 0).

The Bohol Bloggers Collective Core Members may change the rules without notice. Furthermore, the leads reserve the right to dismiss any member to the group when deemed appropriate.

Definition of terms
  • BLOG - a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.*
  • BLOGPOST - an article published in a blog.
  • QUALITY BLOGPOST - a well-constructed, error-free article that serves reliable content and engages with readers.
    • Articles should at least contain one picture and a minimum of 300 words.
    • Blogposts that are not the conventional article (video w/ synopsis or any unique combination of media), are also accepted as long as they “serve reliable content and engage with readers”